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Latest & Up-to-Date Scientific Research from *Science Daily*

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Christopher Young

Latest & Up-to-Date Scientific Research from *Science Daily*
« on: Saturday July 21, 2018, 01:44:16 PM »
I originally started this *TOPIC* here:  https://therealrichiefromboston.com/forum/index.php?topic=20.0
Now that We have a *Science & Technology* - Catagory, I will be using this thread.

The following maybe useful for our children:

*Health of mom's gut a key contributor to autism risk, study suggests*
Could reducing risk of autism involve changing expectant mothers' diets?
Date:July 18, 2018
Source:University of Virginia Health System
The mother's microbiome, the collection of microscopic organisms that live inside us, is a key contributor to the risk of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders in her offspring, new research suggests.
The work raises the possibility that we could help prevent autism by altering expectant moms' diets. 

"A mother's microbiome -- the collection of microorganisms that naturally live inside us -- during pregnancy plays a critical role in determining the risk developing autism-spectrum disorders, new research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine suggests.
The work raises the tantalizing possibility that preventing forms of autism could involve modifying an expectant mom's diet or taking custom probiotics.

Further, the UVA scientists were able to use their discovery to prevent the development of autism-like neurodevelopmental disorders in lab mice.
They found they could halt the development of such disorders by blocking a particular inflammatory molecule produced by the immune system.
Targeting this molecule, interleukin-17a, offers another potential avenue for preventing autism in people, the researchers say.
They caution, however, that this approach would be much more complex because of the risk of side effects...."


Christopher Young

Re: Latest & Up-to-Date Scientific Research from *Science Daily*
« Reply #1 on: Saturday July 21, 2018, 01:50:42 PM »
Part of the *Trans-Humanism Agenda* ?
Synthetic Biology?

*Biological signalling processes in intelligent materials*
Date:July 18, 2018
Source:University of Freiburg
Researchers are developing innovative biohybrid systems with information processing functionality.

"Scientists from the University of Freiburg have developed materials systems that are composed of biological components and polymer materials and are capable of perceiving and processing information.
These biohybrid systems were engineered to perform certain functions, such as the counting signal pulses in order to release bioactive molecules or drugs at the correct time, or to detect enzymes and small molecules such as antibiotics in milk.
The interdisciplinary team presented their results in some of the leading journals in the field, including Advanced Materials and Materials Today.

Living systems (such as cells and organisms) and electrical systems (such as computers) respond to different input information, and have diverse output capabilities.
However, the fundamental property these complex systems share is the ability to process information.
Over the past two decades, scientists have applied the principles of electrical engineering to design and build living cells that perceive and process information and perform desired functions.
This field is called synthetic biology, and it has many exciting applications in the medical, biotechnology, energy and environmental sectors...."