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Thank you for saving me from myself, and the evil of this realm...

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Thank you for saving me from myself, and the evil of this realm...
« on: Monday July 23, 2018, 10:24:49 AM »
Dear JESUS of Nazareth,
Thank you for placing your blood on my account, thank you for being selfless, thank you for your immense forgiveness, and thank you for your saving Grace! I am an outrageous sinner, and realize that I fall short daily in being your servant. Strengthen me oh LORD, that I may be a doer of your WORD and not just a hearer (James 1:22 - 24). Thank you my friend for sending your Holy Ghost to comfort me and guide me into all TRUTH (John 16:13). ~Wizwald

Dear Holy Ghost,
Thank you for your unannounced, unplanned-intrusion into my life. For if you did not jostle my sinful-heart I would never have woken-up to the great Joy of beginning this relationship with my LORD and Savior JESUS of Nazareth. Blessed Holy Ghost, when you came to me I was broken, lost, and misguided. Thank you for changing me, thank you for comforting me; for my flesh is weak, but by your power my Spirit is strong (John 15:26). Oh Bless the Holy Ghost; bless his comings and his goings, forever AMEN. ~Wizwald

Dear Father in Heaven,
Thank you for ALL that you are, thank you for putting your own WORD (Jesus) before your own name. Thank you for ALL of Creation, thank you for loving me enough to have sent your only Son to die for my awful sins. Father in Heaven, you Are the 'LORD of Spirits', and each of the seven is the Way, the Truth, and gives Life. FAITH, WISDOM, PATIENCE, MERCY, JUDGEMENT, PEACE, GOODNESS - these Are your seven spirits oh Father in Heaven, my Loving Creator (I Enoch 61:11). You are a Spirit unlike all others, may I please have the honor to serve your Divine WILL (John 4:24). Father in Heaven, may I live only to be a reflection of your Son, my King/Master/Messiah and friend, LORD JESUS. Father in Heaven, please use me for your Divine purpose; I realize that all good that can be done by me is through you and your WILL alone! ~Wizwald