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Believer: You know, good and evil are often referred to as "light" and "darkness". Think of it this way: darkness, no matter how intimidating, is not a thing or force. It is merely the absence of light. So light need not combat and overpower darkness in order to displace it — where light is, darkness is not. In the same way, evil is no match for good. Good is the basic state of human nature —you, me, and everyone else sense this to be true of ourselves —whereas the "evil" in us is merely the obscuring and distortion of this truth. The moment your true self comes to light, the darkness melts away.

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That's a great insight, I agree 100%. No need to fight darkness, just dedicate yourself to truth and goodness and darkness will not stand a chance.

Dethrone the devil, from within and without.

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That is a truer perspective than some that have been offered.  Some liken darkness to evil and believe that good can't exist without evil because the universe cannot exist without balance, light and dark, love and hate, good and evil, etc.  I don't agree at all.  The perspective offered by Intuitive sense makes so much more sense to me.  And as I'm a fan of the Life Explained videos created by Hans Wilhelm, it fits right in with the philosophy he ascribes and offers help through his videos by clarifying so much about life and why we're here that was not very clear before.

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Very good message. Thank you!

I’ll add, Light is the outward visible expression of Life. An example of Life is kindness. Darkness is the outward visible expression of death. An example of death is unkindness. We all express Light and darkness at times...we are all hypocrites. But slowly over time, if we follow what Life (the Father) teaches us, and prove our hearing by what is seen through us (Son Light), then the death fades at the same time. In other words, as Life increases, death decreases and dies off. This is the second death, when the death in us dies.
It cannot be disputed, those things we do are a direct result of the thoughts we follow. Jesus said, Follow me.