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REAL Flat Earth Question from a Believer

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REAL Flat Earth Question from a Believer
« on: Saturday August 11, 2018, 07:20:38 AM »
 Ok so let me start with I am a flat earther and a non- globalist who is forever searching for the truth or really searching for my truth. I drew up what I believe to be a strong possibility of what Earth actually looks like from all the information I've found over the years to be true and as accurate as I can verify. I was going over Enoch and the sun's 12 portals, 6 portals in the east for rising and 6 portals in the West for setting( I have a decent hypothesis on the "enochian" sun's cycles, for another time). As I was looking over my vision of the flat earth model with the sun's portal locations constantly adjusting them and pondering the movement's of the Sun through them and a question drifted into my mind and took over. So my question Is this: How does or can the Antarctic region, especially at the scientific base camps with witnesses, have even one day (not to mention weeks and weeks) of continuous Sunlight  (24hrs)? How does the sun stay in that location (Antarctica) for not just 24 hours but for months when the flat earth model shows the Sun's orbit/rotation would prevent this from being possible?  I ask because eventually it's revolution will carry it out beyond your visual sight eventually its revolution will take it on the other side of the world with the north pole between them. Just so you know I have been researching this for hours and hours, looking everywhere, at any and everything I can find closely relating to it and just looking up some things I think might be related in some way because it may apply; like how far North or South the sun's tracks are, the circumference of the equator verses the Antarctic ice wall or rotational speed formulas and attempted understanding of the differences between the speed of the inner rim verses the speed of the outer;. They teach the sun revolves from 23.5 N to 23.5 S or so they say but I believe it to be alot further south and a little more North. Anyway the issue I'm having with it is the only way I can see to logically correct the inconsistency and possible design flaws in both my model and the widely excepted flatearth model is to do something kinda crazy. The only correction I can find to rectify these issues is to say " The Sun is 'kinda' fixed by some invisible forces like an electromagnetic field or something to a point on the Antarctica's ice wall and the whole ice wall rotates around the flat earth." See crazy right? As crazy as it sounds though it does have some interesting aspects you can apply to other things that flat earth has a hard time explaining without a globe such as tides. If you have the ice wall circling the Earth constantly since the beginning it would create a wave pattern or wake that would push a constant and consistent flow of water that would have a slight swell followed by a reduction of water in the wave trough equal to the displaced water moving in the swell and create the tides only in the oceans. It also creates other issues as well like depending on who you are listening to the earth is 25,000 miles around at the equator and almost 50,000 miles around at the Ice wall or 25,000 miles around at the Ice wall, so that means the 25,000 mile ice wall has to rotate at 1042 miles per hour to keep pace with the sun's rotation or 2084 miles per hour with the 50,000 mile ice wall so that's really fast and I would hope noticeable.  On my flat earth model there are 3 main sections but are combined into 2 main sections, earth and firmament; 2 Squares laid on top of the other to form a 8 point star (like the symbol used in all religions; earth cross and solar cross combined; and pyramids), the bottom square is Earth,  the top is the firmament and it is attached to the edges of creation. So to answer my own question  my thought was what if the top square, the firmament was connected to the ice wall with the Sun in its fixed place locked in somehow to the specific coastline and the bottom square(4 corners of the earth) is the round Earth face locked in and together as a complete unit, now you'll have the ice wall/sun rotating clockwise around the flat earth and also have the earth disk and bottom square rotating counter clockwise so both are moving in different directions; now I believe the 25,000 mile ice wall version; so if you have 1 square rotating 521 mi/hr and the other rotating opposite to it also at 521 mi/hr then the 2 halves will meet at the same point 24 hrs later. We know the firmament rotates around above us we see it in the stars for one and 500 miles per hour isn't that fast and would not be noticed in my opinion. So anyways I  know this is kinda long but I just wanted to try to explain a little bit of everything to give a slight overview of where I'm coming from and what it is I'm talking about. I know we dont live on the blue marble NASA force feeds the public, I just need some help understanding this issue because this one has me a little confused and my flat earth family will understand how this is not a topic/belief that you can have and not have an answers you need to not only to educate but to be able to defend the belief and sometimes your own reputation. If you have one weak link the whole thing can come crashing down, like my children believe and trust me that I'm teaching them correctly and I can't have a question this fundamentally (in my opinion) important not have an answer.  So if you have any answers to provide me with better understanding and insights it would be greatly appreciated.  If you have any thoughts on my flat earth model also please let me know. Thank you for your time and help, may the Elohohim YHWH bless you and yours in all your ventures.
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Re: REAL Flat Earth Question from a Believer
« Reply #1 on: Friday March 08, 2019, 07:52:03 AM »
The currently accepted model of flat earth is wrong, it doesn't explain the issue you described. North of the equator, the sun appears to move from northeast to northwest. On the equator, the sun moves directly east to west (on all days of the year). South of the equator, the sun appears to move southeast to southwest. According to the currently accepted flat earth map, the sun should always appear to come from the northeast and set in the northwest, regardless of where you are on Earth.

This is one of the few major flaws with the current flat earth model. I haven't seen any viable explanation yet. It may have something to do with the sun appearing to move in a direction that it actual isn't, like maybe if the firmament acts like a lens and distorts the true image. I don't know :/

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