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RichieFromBoston fan fiction."Richie's Great Tribulation"

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RichieFromBoston fan fiction."Richie's Great Tribulation"
« on: Saturday September 29, 2018, 10:47:13 AM »
It was a beautiful chemtrail day outside a forest in Vermont while Richie casually set up his camera for a new YouTube video outside of his car. As he was about to hit play on his camera, he heard a young woman call out his name. “Another fan.” he thought to himself. He turned around to see the fan and noticed her beautiful long, wavy, auburn hair, green eyes, and a thin body. Richie fell to the ground at the sight of this young woman. “I already have a broken toe. Now this?” he muttered.

   “Oh are you okay, Richie?” the young woman asked. Richie looked up from the ground, embarrassed and disappointed in himself. “Yeah I'm alright. W-what's your name?” he asked hesitantly. The young woman helped him off the ground and as they gazed into each other's eyes he once again became captivated by her charming looks. “My name is Helen. I saw you setting up your camera and I was gonna ask what topic the new video would be about”. Richie started to sweat profusely. “Um, the topic is about television and how it brainwashes the mind and summons demons”. Helen blushed and got about 10 inches close to Richie's face. “I like a man who can defend himself against demons.” Helen whispered into his right ear. 
   As she whispered those words into Richie's ear he became entranced. Suddenly his eyes turned black and his speech turned slow. “Whaaat'sss haappeeniiiing too meee?” Richie asked. Helen laughed in his face, held his hand, and both started to run. Poor Richie. Since he is a bigger man he couldn't keep up with the beautiful and spry Helen. He fell over and the pain in his broken toe was immense. “Demon! Seductress!” he yelled out. No one was around to here him. Helen grabbed his arm and dragged him into the forest. He screamed in pain and desperately cried out for help until he fell asleep, all while being dragged.  This went on for about two hours. Finally, they arrived at a circle in the middle of the forest. Richie awoke and noticed something horrifying. In the middle of the circle was the Prudential Building.

   Helen finally relieved her grasp from his arm. “God please hear my cry!” Richie screamed with tears rolling down his face. He looked up at Helen... she had transformed into a revolting creature. Her eyes had gone black, her skin had turned gray, she was frothing black liquid from her mouth, and her hair was no more. Helen was no longer herself. She was a black-eyed demon. With haste, Richie picked himself off the ground and ran to the Prudential Building. “Ohhh Richie! Did you forget that I gifted you with the black eyes?” the black-eyed demon screeched. Richie heard what she had said but paid no mind to it. He was so terrorized that he all he was thinking about was opening the door to the Prudential Building and hiding.

   Once he was inside he noticed that there was nothingness and it was all black. “Black! Black! Black! I'm sick and tired of seeing black!” Richie screamed as he fell to his knees. Richie heard heavy breathing getting closer to him. Richie felt that this would be his last moment alive as his skin turned gray and his hair turned black. He said a deep prayer to God and once he opened his eyes he noticed that he was wearing the full armor of God. Richie got himself off the floor as hard as he could. The heavy breathing got closer, he could feel warmth on the right side of his body. “Armor? Do you really think that can defeat me?” the female black-eyed demon whispered into his ear. She took a few steps back and then lunged at him. As she was just about to reach for his neck he floated five feet above the ground and the armor became a shiny yellow. “Hearken to my voice, assistant of Satan! I banish you in the name of Jesus Christ!” the armor yelled.

   The black-eyed demon, who was once beautiful Helen, did a loud bloody screech and disintegrated into dust. Richie fell to the ground and the full armor of god vanished from his body. He got up, walked to the door of the Prudential Building, and stepped outside. The sky was blood red, demons were fighting angels in the streets, and there were dead human bodies lying in the streets. “He has come”. Richie whispered to the sky.