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Family Rights Section

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Family Rights Section
« on: Thursday August 23, 2018, 11:32:05 AM »

Thank you Richie for this platform! [Hosting that thread on Title IV-D]

In the continual shuffle under general discussion it has occurred to me that, maybe we need a family rights section?

And if there is an agreeing census to such an addition to the forum,
Is it possible to also move the thread “Federal Title IV 'Welfare' Part D 'Child Support' (Law) Education & Awareness” to that new family rights section, to be mixed in with similar subject matter?


I know that this is a tall order, you’re the one  :D who asked for suggestions, again thank you for the platform [general discussion or otherwise ;D], keep up the great work ;) I am also thanking you in advance for this consideration!!!

Kindest regards,

Brick Layer
AKA MichiganianMan

Child Support (Consent of the Governed)

Ejus est nolle, qui potest velle.
A person who can will (exercise volition) has a right to refuse to will (withhold consent).

Hihil tam proprium imperio quam legibus vivere. Nothing is so becoming to authority as to live according to the law.