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9/11 - Back to the future - bible video?

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9/11 - Back to the future - bible video?
« on: Sunday September 02, 2018, 06:13:24 PM »

Hey guys, I didn't find anywhere else to post this so ....

I've been doing a fair amount of research during the past 12 months and a while back I came across a video which drew connections between 9/11, Back to the Future and, if memory serves me right, various allusions to Mary, the mother of Yeshua and Joseph.

My problem is that I can't find said video. I'm usually very careful to save all video and web links but not this time, apparently.
I was pretty certain that it was a video by Nicholson 1968 but I've searched his site and, if it's there,  I can't see it.

So, my question is, from the limited amount of information I've given you can anyone name the video or link me to it?

I'd be most grateful.
Cheers, Paul